How We Roll

At Crutch Cards, we've mastered the art of crafting the perfect crutch, revolutionizing the way you roll. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every card, designed to elevate your smoking experience to unprecedented heights. Our cards are engineered to the ideal size and thickness, providing unparalleled rollability for crafting your crutch, making every roll smooth and every puff a taste revelation. By using our very own uniquely formulated and manufactured hemp paper, we ensure a rolling experience that's not only superior but also purer and more flavorful. It's the art of rolling, reimagined and refined.

We’re obsessed with every detail, researching and testing each aspect of our Crutch Cards to ensure they meet the highest standards of functionality and quality. From the precise bend ability that accommodates each interior fold, to the optimal thickness that ensures durability without sacrificing ease of rolling, we’ve thought of it all. Our exclusive hemp paper is also designed to stay dry and maintain its integrity, even in the most humid conditions, guaranteeing that your crutch remains pure and unaffected by external elements or soggy lips. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each roll is not just a practice, but a perfection of the craft. We’re setting the benchmark for what it means to roll a perfect crutch. It’s not just about rolling; it’s about elevating you to new heights.

We understand that the choice of your crutch paper matters, not just for the quality of your roll but for the impact it has on both your experience and the environment. That's why we print with TUV Certified Compostable inks on our very own American Made Hemp Paper—a sustainable alternative to the deforestation and loss of wildlife habitat caused by clear cutting forests for paper. Hemp cultivation requires minimal water, no pesticides, and absorbs a significant amount of CO2, making it an Earth restoration powerhouse. By choosing hemp, Crutch Cards demonstrates a respect for the planet and our customers, providing a product that's good for both.

Make A Statement
Crutch Cards offer an extraordinary opportunity to elevate your business, store, product, or event with a superior rolling experience. Imagine your logo, your message, vividly displayed on every piece, turning every session into a personal endorsement of your identity. Choose Crutch Cards, and embrace the art of rolling in style—where quality meets customization, and where every roll is a statement. When it comes to making a mark, we roll like no other.