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About Us

Custom hemp paper rolling tips for the conscious consumer, Crutch Cards empower you to grow your business while standing out from the rest and making an impact on the environment.


If you were to clean out your wallet right now, how big would the stack of business cards be that you’d throw away? How many times did you look at each one of those business cards? Once, maybe twice? Do you wonder how much energy was expended in making that stack of business cards? Maybe not before, but you probably are now!

With everything going digital, have you wondered why we still print on the same kind of paper with the same traditional inks when there are probably far better alternatives? Have you considered that you could play a part in eco-conscious print media while standing out in your industry?

You’re an entrepreneur trying to break into an exciting-yet-competitive industry. Or maybe you’re an artist looking for a creative way to showcase your art or designs and get it in front of as many people as possible. Or perhaps a musician, striving to get heard above the noise. Whatever your business, you’re looking for a novel approach to print media and promotional material. You want your brand to stand out. You want to connect directly with your customers and provide them with something that will stick with them rather than spend your whole marketing budget on expensive advertisements that will go in one ear and out the other. You’re tired of dumping your money into printed materials that don’t leave an impression and cards that present you as just another business or creative.

Unlike traditional print shops, we use hemp paper and both soy and water-based inks that are specially formulated to be smoke-friendly for safe use on rolling tips. Crutch Card hemp paper rolling tips provide the coolest smoking experience that ensures your customers won’t remember the last time they rolled up without you!

Why hemp? It’s sustainably sourced, American made, and promotes the growth of one of the greatest plants on Earth. Hemp uses far fewer resources to harvest and process than trees when it comes to paper-making. When you purchase 1000 Crutch Cards, together we save 16lbs of beautiful trees, conserves 20 gallons of water, save 36,000 BTU's of energy, 2.5lbs of solid waste is retained, and you keep 4.5lbs of greenhouse gases from entering the environment. Exclusively manufactured by Hemp Press, Crutch Card is at the forefront of hemp-fiber promotion.

But we do much more than hemp paper rolling tips! While Crutch Card specializes in producing custom-branded promotional material like Hempwick Cards and Hemp Rolling Paper Packs, Hemp Press prints everything from posters and flyers to brochures, menus and product packaging on American-made hemp paper to highlight your brand and showcase what makes you stand out from the rest. Make no mistake, your support of tree-free hemp paper will speak loudly to your customers about your commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Why does American-made matter? We believe in putting people and the planet before profits.  By choosing American-made products, you’re supporting a fair living wage, a safe and healthy work environment in an earth-friendly shop, and sustainable paper production practices.

Your custom Crutch Cards are not just a business card. Each time your customers roll up with your brand, they remember their experience with you. They remember why they choose you. These sustainable hemp products reward your customers for choosing you while supporting the future of domestic hemp production.

Not sure what a ‘crutch’ is or why you’d want to use one?

Curious about the impact your purchase has on both the environment and the hemp industry?