Business And Fun
Rolled Into One

Custom Business Cards With Removable Tips — Printed on Hemp!

What The Heck Are Crutch Cards?

Crutch Cards are custom hemp rolling tips with your company’s logo, message, or design. They are a unique form of promotion with removable crutches. Crutch Cards are more than just functional; they're a personal statement and an essential part of your marketing toolkit.

Blaze A New Trail
Upload your artwork, play around with your logo, or use our libraries of images and typefaces, and create a crutch card that's as unique as your business.

Leading the American Rolling Revolution

Crutch Cards are made from our very own proprietary American Made hemp fiber papers. Uniquely formulated for their superior rolling characteristics, our 30% Hemp and 70% Post Consumer Recycle fibers papers look beautiful printed and roll better than any other rolling tip available on planet Earth.