Our Hemp Paper

We use only hemp paper because it’s sustainably sourced and promotes the growth of one of the greatest plants on Earth.

Our hemp paper stock is produced in America and supplied by Hemp Press. Our hemp paper is acid-free, chlorine-free and always chemical-free. 25% of the pager's fiber is sustainably sourced from Canadian hemp fields, the remaining 75% is post-consumer recycle.

When compared with traditional tree paper, choosing hemp paper results in:

  • 45% less energy use
  • 38% less greenhouse gasses produced
  • 45% less wastewater generated
  • 50% less solid waste created
  • 100% less wood use


On an average order of 1000 hemp paper Crutch Cards, together we save 16 pounds of beautiful trees, conserve 20 gallons of water, save 36,000 BTU’s of energy, 2.5 pounds of solid waste is retained, and you keep 4.5 pounds of greenhouse gases from entering the environment. Make your customers and fans part of being earth friendly and sustainable!